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You've also gotta love how the gang fashions themselves as an A Team, with Charlie as the wild card, a recurring joke that has a sneaky good payoff at episode's end.
"Psycho Pete Returns" (Season 10, Episode 3) At the end of Season 7, we're informed that Psycho Pete is one of Mac and Charlie's high school buddies (he completed their misfit gang, "The Freight Train whose nickname was pretty literalhe apparently murdered and ate his.
"Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare" (Season 2, Episode 3) After Frank, still Dennis and Dee's father at the time, takes ownership of Paddy's, the siblings quit the bar and gladly accept unemployment benefits."Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" (Season 3, Episode 8) This story of Dennis trying to make Dee famous solely by turning her into a drunk club girl and Mac, Charlie, and Frank making a news show for public access is an early-season favorite.To hammer home just how far off the gang's perception is from the truth, this two-parter ends with a solid rendition of George Michael's "Freedom the audience is privy to the professional-seeming version the gang sees, and the horrendously embarrassing version everyone else sees."Paddys Pub: The Worst Bar in America" (Season 4, Episode 8) Here's an episode that takes on the gangs incredibly warped perception of the world.Always Sunny would take better advantage of later down the road."The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis" (Season 5, Episode 1) In this episode, the gang combines two schemes into one.That's all very well and good.It's an overall decent episode, but it has two great Charlie moments: when he builds a Trojan Horse/ remote control car that looks like a rat, and when he refuses to throw out his *bag* of spaghetti when Dee brings him to the movies and.The pill is actually just a placebo.This episode, where former characters are rounded up, has similar vibes to Seinfeld 's series finale."The Gang Goes to Hell" (Season 11, Episode 9) Taken as a whole, the two-part finale of Season 11 is darkly humorous and sharply insightful, but the second half of the finale does most of the heavy lifting.

When a critic writes a very truthful review of Paddys, Charlie kidnaps him.
If that's your thing, cool.
As I mentioned before, the Lethal Weapon spoofs in Always Sunny are both funny, but this one, the first, is so transcendent because it comes plop in the middle of an episode.
We see "Lethal Weapon 6" as the gang shops the project to banks, startups, and hedge funds around the citythey're looking for outside funding because Frank won't pay for production unless he's given a gratuitous sex scene.
(Yes, it makes too much sense that Charlie's perfect match is a child.) This episode has a great kicker, and it's also responsible for introducing the duster, Mac's absurd, black trenchcoat, so give it some credit.But what I like most about this episode is that Charlie resoundingly wins.Instead of trying to hide the flaw, the episode brashly calls attention to it, giving Major League Baseball the finger in the process.Also, Charlie, posing as a denim magnate, pukes blood all over a blind date in what may be the show's most laugh out loud funny scene.It's a statement that these matters don't have easy resolutions, and most of the time, are grounded in emotion rather than logic."Frank Retires" (Season 10, Episode 9) Another episode where someone in the gang approaches a normal event of normal lifeonly for it to go completely left.Always Sunny mostly spent its first two seasons trying to figure out how to be its best self.